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District Heating

District heating systems have been typically controlled by independent, local SCADA systems. In many cases, these separate SCADA systems for each boiler station can be replaced with one common Netcon 3000 system, which brings in the advantage of centralized control of the whole network. With the ready made control dialogues included in the system, the number of pictures needed can be reduced to just a few percentage of what it was before. With Netcon 3000 advanced and dynamical functionality for reports, also all the needs of reporting can be fulfilled from just one place.

Netcon 3000 also includes highly developed functionality for user rights, fully supporting a multi-user environment with redundant systems in several locations. This feature can be utilized, for example to take care of cases when the communication to the boiler station is cut because of careless digging. The boiler stations can be equipped with local clients which automatically shifts to island mode if communication is cut, or can in normal situation just be used for local control.

In district heating systems, the use of PLC:s (Programmable Logic Controller) are common in heat-only boiler stations or in co-generation plants. This adds some special demands on the data communication as well as on the overall SCADA Master Station. Netcon 3000 includes flexible possibilities for connecting the PLC.s, normally over OPC (Ole for Process Control).

Netcon 3000 is in use in several places, from really small installations to large systems, and can even be a combined system for electricity and district heating networks. Normally the overall system is enhanced with Netcontrols top level gateways, Netcon GW Server and Netcon GW502, with all their possibilities for protocol conversion between different communication protocols.