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Dispatch Centre

In the Dispatch Centre level, the most common SCADA system in the Nordic countries is Netcon 3000, with a customer base of over 120 network companies. Being an open system, Netcon 3000 is typically integrated into ' other systems, like DMS where some standard interfaces like OPC or ELCOM-90 are used. The information from the advanced browser based reporting system  of Netcon 3000 can be utilised from the office network over a dedicated, secured connection.  

SCADA systems need to communicate in real-time  to the distributed sites to be monitored and controlled. Communications has to be reliable and secure, but still able to support all the legacy communication protocols in use. For legacy connectivity,  the Netcontrol gateways with the Netcon NFE software are an ideal choice. NFE support the conversions between dozens of different communication protocols, with strict Cyber Security. In the Dispatch Center a Netcon GW Server is normally used as a NFE application and security platform , while Netcon 500 with an integrated Netcon GW502 are deployed at the primary substation (HV/MV) level.