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Hydro Power Generation

Hydro power generation system with numerous hydro power plants, dams and rivers is a complex process to manage. The Netcon product range from Netcontrol, including the Netcon 3000 SCADA solution and Netcon 500 remote terminal unit provides functionality and services to fulfill these needs.

Netcontrol have solutions for:

  • Hydro power generation dispatch centres
  • Secure communication solutions
  • Hydro Power Plant supervision and control

The Netcon 3000 features Hydro Power Generation with full power plant, reservoir and water course modelling with Auto Pilot interface to the market and planning system.

The hydro power plant and dam model in Netcon 3000 master station features calculation of flows, losses, levels and optimal set points of the hydro power plant, gates and reservoirs. Set points are handled in units of flow or power and sent to respective plant in the required units of the plant. Optimal usage of water resources are continuously calculated. Frequency regulation power reserves are calculated and monitored.

The communication between hydro power plants and the master stations are secured by the Netcon Gateway solutions. A combination of serial and IP communication with build-in redundancy is used for system connectivity

At the hydro power plant the Netcon 500 remote terminal unit features communication capabilities, programmable control functions, process interfaces and local HMI.