1–2 June 2022 – Steam Hotel, Västerås, Sweden

NUG meeting

Steam Hotel, Västerås

Welcome to Netcontrol User Group 2022, a forum where power distribution companies, partners, entrepreneurs and suppliers from Sweden and Norway can meet and discuss the future of power grid control.

The event will be held at the famous Steam Hotel in Västerås 1–2 June 2022. The hotel will feel familiar to many, as it is built within the structure of an old power station and retains many of the original features!

With so much happening within the energy supply industry, this year’s event is set to be a lively one.

Day 1
A seminar where people from different companies and state agencies will discuss new regulations, R&D, challenges and possibilities in the future of power distribution and the use of hydrogen.

Day 2
Netcontrol invites SCADA customers to hear and share about the latest product news.

Here you can read the full programme in Swedish.

Please mark the first two days of June in your calendars! If necessary, contact Netcontrol AB for the registration details.