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High quality voltage and current sensors by Greenwood-Power

No RTU alone, however smart, can measure switchgear voltage and feeder current without the appropriate kind of sensors. Because the type of network, the switchgear and the customer requirements vary widely, it would be impossible to include a fixed set of sensors with an RTU like the Netcon 200. Different options are needed.

Netcontrol is an official reseller of the sensors developed by the Austrian company Greenwood-Power. Its selection is wide and innovative. Not only do all the sensors meet the relevant international IEC 61869 standards and the requirements of today’s smart substations. They are also cost-efficient, making it economically viable to furnish a large number of substations with network monitoring and even with feeder protection implemented by the RTU itself.


Standards compliance with no calibration at commissioning

All the sensors are designed to require no on-site calibration. They come in two grades:

  • The non-0U grade satisfies the IEC 61869-11 (voltage) or -10 (current) standard as is
  • The 0U or ECO grade comes with individual correction coefficients and satisfies the standard when these are input into a measurement device that supports them.

Wide variety of accuracy classes

The sensors are available in many different accuracy classes according to IEC 61869:

  • 0.2, 0.5, 1, 3 and 3P, 6P for the voltage sensors
  • 3, 1, 0.5, 0.5S, 0.2 & 5P20 for the current sensors pooled (available classes vary with type).

Voltage sensors

Easy to install cones for gas insulated switchgear

The T240C and T240K series of Greenwood-Power’s voltage sensors come in the form of cones that are simply screwed in place of the blind plugs on the T connectors, one per phase. They are based on the resistive voltage divider technology and are suited for gas insulated (RMU-type) switchgear.

Voltage sensor for air insulated switchgear

Greenwood-Power T240L voltage sensor

Greenwood-Power also offers the T240L voltage sensor for use with air insulated switchgear. One sensor is installed per phase, in place of a surge arrester or isolator.

Current sensors

Phase currents

The N030R and N030T current sensors measure phase current, and they are installed around the individual phase cables. The T versions are designed for easy retrofit installation.
Greenwood-Power N030T-0U phase current sensor

Residual current

As for the sum or residual current, the 0U grade of the N006E envelopes the three phases together, while the non-0U grade has individual clamps for the phases and sums up the currents.
Greenwood-Power NxxxE current sensor Greenwood-Power NxxxE current sensor

Combined voltage/current sensor for pole-top installation

For the monitoring of overhead lines, Greenwood-Power has the K240F sensor for voltage and current together. These sensors are installed in place of the isolators on the rail on top of a pole, one per phase.
Greenwood-Power NxxxE current sensor

Detailed specs

For the detailed specifications of all the sensors, consult the datasheets downloadable from Greenwood-Power’s site: