Wibee devices

Wibee monitoring system

On-site energy monitoring

The Wibeee measurement devices are small and easy to install into electrical boards or plug into wall outlets. They connect to a WiFi network to send their data to a secure server (an API for the raw data also being available, however). An intuitive web application then lets you view the data and analyses in both real time and historically and thereby to identify energy wastage and damaging power quality issues, so that these can be addressed. The system will thus help you not just to reduce direct energy costs but also to avoid premature component failures.
Wibee web application

Virtual submetering

With the help of pattern recognition, the system can analyse the data from a single meter roughly into the contributions of the individual electrical devices. This makes it very convenient and cost-efficient. That said, further measuring clamps can be added to improve the accuracy and coverage of the analysis.