Netcon 3000 Compact

SCADA for primary substations and small networks

Netcon 3000 Compact is an advanced single-user, one-computer SCADA that can be combined with the ­Netcon 500 systems of primary substations or used as the main SCADA system for small distribution networks.

Netcon 3000 Compact has all you need for the network management or local supervision of a substation: alarm and event history, current ­switching state of the network/sub­station as well as measurements and trends, combined with an advanced report functionality. The user interface is highly configurable, as in modern large SCADA systems.

It can be delivered, for example, on a fanless, 24 VDC fed industrial PC for installation in a cabinet at a primary substation, or on a desktop PC with two 43″ monitors for a small control room installation.