Netcon GW502-iM

Netcon GW502-iM

Compact substation gateway

The Netcon GW502-iM is a compactly packaged gateway and protocol converter built specifically for harsh substation environments. A standalone device without a rack, it can easily be duplicated to form a redundant, fault-tolerant pair.

Integrated cyber security

The Netcon GW502-iM avoids so-called man in the middle attacks because it does not rely on external security devices; it has integrated cyber security:

  • Support for multiple VPN connections
  • Firewalls
  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • No OPC – no Windows vulnerabilities
  • Hardened against remote access toolkit (RAT) attacks.

Netcon NFE inside

Embedded Linux OS

The Netcon GW502-iM is powered by the reliable, resilient and secure Linux OS. The primary application is Netcon NFE, which handles the IO database functionality with protocol conversions.

Large dataset capability

Depending on the protocol, a single Netcon GW502-iM can support dozens of protection relays and up to 5,000 I/O points.

Multiple master & slave protocols

Netcon NFE, our real-time-database and communication application, contains a library of several dozen energy utility protocols. It supports connection to multiple masters, the simultaneous use of different protocols upstream and downstream towards different kinds of IEDs, with both serial and IP communications.

Disturbance record retrieval

Netcon NFE can collect, store and send forward IED disturbance records as well as sequence-of-event (SOE) archives.

Integral protocol diagnostic & debugging tools

The integrated Netcon Serial Analyser enables the user to interrogate protocol messaging for troubleshooting purposes.

IEC 61850-8-1 support

The Netcon GW502-iM has full support for the emerging IEC 61850-8-1 standard, with proven multi-vendor interoperability and support for both ed.1 and ed.2. Since the GW502-iM is capable of acting as a communications gateway and a protocol converter, an IEC 61850 substation equipped with it can be connected to the control centre with any standard protocol, such as IEC 60870-5-104 or DNP3.0.

The Benefits of IEC 61850-8-1 include:

  • Simpler substation structure: IEC 61850 offers a single, uniform method of integrating IEDs
  • Enhanced engineering, implement­­ation, operation and service: savings of time and cost on configuration, commissioning and maintenance
  • Reduction of wiring costs: IEC 61850 replaces wires between feeders, control switches and signalling devices
  • Increased reliability: standard Ethernet serves as a uniform real time communication channel for all data

IEC 61131-3 PLC Soft Logic

Enhanced logic functionality is provided by the industry standard ISaGRAF environment, with the run-time and developer applications included.

Local/remote management

The Netcon NCU application with its graphical user interface and the included SDC Import/Export Tool make configuration intuitive and easy to manage. The settings are stored on memory card and therefore easily copied between devices. Remote management gives the user the ability to deploy, maintain and upgrade the GW502-iM securely as well as to download aggregated data such as disturbance records.

Easy installation

Installation is flexible thanks to the compact enclosure and the location of all the connectors in the front panel. There are several options for mounting:

  • Wall or console mounting with the included wall brackets
  • DIN rail mounting with clips on any of the three edges or the two sides
  • Into 19-inch rack with included L mounts (occupies a height of 1 U)

Application example