Netcon Gateway Server

Master station communication gateway

The Netcon Gateway (GW) Server is Netcontrol’s heavy-duty vendor-independend solution for connecting a master station to several remote sites over IP (WAN, LAN) networks.

Cyber security built in

The gateway role makes cyber security paramount. The Gateway Server has a built in firewall that only passes through strictly defined traffic. The communication to remote sites and to users is encrypted within VPN tunnels, and the users are authenticated before a connection is allowed.

IP routing and traffic prioritizing

The Gateway Server can connect distinct networks because it supports IP routing. It enables you to connect the same outstations to several different master stations. It also offers traffic prioritizing in order to optimize the bandwidth usage – you will not be paying for unnecessary bandwidth.

Protocol conversions for near-universal compatibility

Like our other Netcon Gateway (GW) products, the Gateway Server can run the Netcon NFE communications software to convert between the tele­control protocol(s) used by the outstations and that of the master station, e.g. between IEC-101 and IEC‑104. The full list of supported protocols has dozens of standard and proprietary protocols, offering almost any-to-any connectivity. This is in keeping with Netcontrol’s open philosophy: not locking customers to vendor-specific systems.

Physical or virtual server

The standard hardware for the Gateway Server consists of rack servers with up to twenty network interface cards (NICs). However, the product need not come with dedicated server hardware: today it is often best configured as a virtual server sharing a hardware platform with other SCADA-related servers.