Netcon GW502-iM

Netcon GW502-iM as SCADA front end

Compact but capable gateway

The Netcon GW502-iM is a compact gateway device that can be used as SCADA front end where the Gateway Server would be overkill.

All the required functionality

Out of the box, the Netcon GW502-iM has two Ethernet ports, along with two RS-232 and two RS-485 serial ports. It can therefore be used as router between two distinct IP networks. Because the Netcon NFE software with dozens of telecontrol protocols is included, the substation connections can also be serial: the Netcon GW502-iM can convert between the substation protocol(s) and that used by the SCADA system.

Linux OS and integrated cyber security

The Netcon GW502-iM is powered by the reliable, resilient and secure Linux OS. It avoids so-called man-in-the-middle attacks because it does not rely on external security devices. It has integrated cyber security:

  • Support for multiple VPN connections
  • Firewalls
  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • No OPC – no Windows vulnerabilities
  • Hardened against remote access toolkit (RAT) attacks.

Compact package

A standalone device without a rack, the Netcon GW502-iM can economically be duplicated to form a redundant, fault-tolerant pair. Installation is flexible thanks to the compact enclosure and the fact that all the connectors are in the front panel. There are several options for mounting:

  • Wall or console mounting with the included wall brackets
  • DIN rail mounting with clips on any of the three edges or the two sides
  • Into 19-inch rack with included L mounts (occupies a height of 1 U)