NM-CCU 500 cabinet with front cover open-door-open

NM-CCU 500

Hub of a utility communications system

The NM-CCU is a radio network data concentrator capable of connecting outstations to many kinds of SCADA systems. Its current model incorporates the modern GW502-iM gateway and protocol converter.

The NM-CCU 500 monitors the status data from, and sends control signals to, the outstations in a radio communication system for electricity distribution networks. It consists of:

  • the GW502-iM gateway and protocol converter
  • PDR 300 data radio
  • the CCU100S software
  • an indoor cabinet
  • optionally, a human–machine interface (HMI) panel with a touch screen.

With the intuitive HMI, the NM-CCU can also be used as an independent data concentrator and/or as a primary SCADA RTU. The NM-CCU cabinet is designed for installation within an enclosed space at a substation or in an office.