Reliable and secure 3G/4G/GPRS router

The RUT955 router connects remote secondary substations, disconnector stations and switching stations safely to the SCADA center over public 4G/3G networks.

IP data routing with built-in security

The RUT955 takes IP data coming in through its three Ethernet interfaces and routes the data over the air. Because public networks are inherently insecure, the RUT955 has a built-in firewall with VPN capability to protect the traffic from external manipulation or eavesdropping. It supports both the common VPN technologies, OpenVPN and IPsec.

Dual SIMs for enhanced availability

The RUT955 supports the use of two SIM cards to enhance availability. The cards are connected to two different operators’ networks. During normal operation, only one SIM is active. If the network connection fails or deteriorates, the traffic will be switched to the other operator’s network.

Backup for a fixed connection

The RUT955 can operate as a wireless backup for a fixed network connection. If the fixed SCADA connection from the attached RTU fails, the RUT955 can automatically switch the traffic onto the mobile LTE/3G network.

Rugged and compact design

Its compact size, robust metallic chassis and wide temperature range make the RUT955 suited for limited installation spaces and harsh climate conditions.

Easy configuration

The RUT955 is easily configured through a browser-based interface.

RUT955 with NFE

The RUT955 is also available with the Netcon NFE communication soft­ware, which supports conversions among a wide variety of protocols. The package includes one slave and one master protocol, with 100 IO points.