Instructor and students at computers

Expert, hands-on training

Instructor and students at computers

Implementation of complex systems like SCADA master stations or substations entails a need to train the customer personnel to administer and use the new system. Netcontrol provides competent, customizable training courses that focus on practical exercises using a system similar to the customer’s.

Wide selection of training courses

Netcontrol offers an extensive range of courses covering most Netcon products. We have courses for the all the three product categories: SCADA systems, communication and substations.

The courses can also be divided by the target group:

  • operators
  • system administrators
  • system engineers

Courses can be tailored and are always hands-on

The courses are arranged by agreement with the customer and can be tailored to their system and for their personnel.

Each course has only a handful of participants and involves plenty of excercises on an actual system. This means that no participant remains a spectator; the courses are hands-on and efficient. Our instructors are experts with a long experience in Netcon products; they have been complimented on their “relaxed but systematic instruction”.