Netcon 3000 with Operator

Netcon 3000

Resourceful SCADA system

The Netcon 3000 SCADA is a sound investment both because its usability helps you meet today’s availability requirements and because the way the system is built makes it easy to expand and adapt to changing circumstances.

Strict security

The main focus in SCADA systems today lies on cyber security and on processes for maintaining the system. Netcontrol has been focused on cyber security for more than a decade, and all delivered Netcon 3000 systems are based on hardened servers and operating systems.

Reference systems are continuously being tested, which makes it possible for the customer to keep their system up-to-date and secure: they know that updates will not cause problems.

In addition to cyber security, Netcon 3000 supports access control at several levels, with user groups which have well-defined read and write privileges to process parameters and to functions such as the control of specific switching devices. This makes the system safe even for larger organisations or environments where several companies, for example, use their own sections of the system for controlling their networks during the daytime but have centralized night-time dispatch in one place.

Intuitive and customizable user interface

Over nearly three decades, Netcontrol has been listening closely to its customers and has built the Netcon 3000 functionality according to the needs from the field. In addition to general SCADA functionality, it offers functions built explicitly for electricity networks, power generation and district heating.

The Netcon 3000 system offers clear tools for the real-time and historical display and management of your process. Symbols representing the process objects, with animations to show changes, can be based on pre-constructed symbol sets which are part of delivery. That said, it is also possible to customize the symbols. The look and feel as well as the functionality are easily tailored to the needs of specific customers.

Once a system has been implemented and is in active use, there is always going to be a need for changes. It is important for the system to be easy to use, so that the changes can be made in-house. All changes to the Netcon 3000 database as new stations are being implemented, for example, are done by the customer’s own engineers.

Features such as the above make the control centre workers’ job easier and thereby help your company avoid service interruptions, unnecessary calls from end customers and, of course, penalty charges.

Extensive history database and web interface

In addition to showing your operators in real time what is happening in your network/process, Netcon 3000 saves specified information in a central history database. Hundreds of thousands of aggregates may be stored for several years. While all this information can help operators during disturbances, it also constitutes a basis for your medium- and long-term business decisions.

The Netcon 3000 also offers a web server providing users with real-time and historical reports, analytical charts of events and alarms, general or incident-specific instructions, plant documents and pictures, system information and so forth.

Robust, flexible and open architecture

Your investments into the Netcon 3000 system are protected by the fact that the system uses standard, high‑volume technologies – hardware, firmware and application packages. The general advancement of these technologies will continue to contribute to the system in the future.

Another insurance against changes in the business environment lies in the open, modular and distributed nature of the system. Part of this is a robust virtualised client/server architecture, where “thin” clients are supported in addition to operator workstations.

The various components can easily be duplicated to make the system as tolerant to faults as required. Conversely, the same (even if duplicated) components can be used to handle functionally separate processes, such as generation, distribution and distinct heating. Each operator still sees only the process for which they are responsible. Long gone are the days when systems were, inefficiently, dedicated to single tasks.

The openness means easy integration to external systems, both inside and outside your own enterprise. Netcon 3000 has been integrated with a variety of different systems in order to give the customer a SCADA system that really fits their process.