At Netcontrol, we want to help energy producers deal with the operational challenges they face and therefore provide products and solutions for power generation including wind, hydropower and solar power.

Wind power

With the number of wind power farms steadily rising, so is the need for products to manage their complex nature.

At Netcontrol we help wind energy producers manage the complexity they are facing:

  • Netcon 3000 – Master station with its ability to monitor and control many windmills.
  • Netcon 500 – Remote terminal unit providing communication capabilities, programmable control functions, process interfaces and a local HMI.
  • Netcon All-IP communication solution – Connecting wind turbines, substations and other infrastructure to the central station using secure, redundant links.

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Hydropower generation typically involves numerous rivers, dams and hydropower plants – a system that is complex to manage for any energy provider.

Helping to reduce the complexity, we offer easy-to-use products to support energy providers’ functions, including the following:

Netcon 3000 – Features a complete hydro power generation model covering the power plant, reservoir and water course and an auto pilot interface to the market and planning system.

Netcon 500 – Remote terminal unit provides the communications, programmable control functions, process interfaces and a local HMI.

In addition, we have solutions for

  • hydropower generation dispatch centers,
  • secure communications,
  • hydropower plant supervision and control.

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Solar power

With the cost of photovoltaic panels decreasing, electricity utilities and power companies are seeing a large increase in the number of solar farm installations both in their LV and MV networks.

At Netcontrol, we provide the Netcon 200 RTU as a solution for the control, monitoring and management of remote solar farms. With built-in G99 protection, power quality analysis functions and customizable logic, it is the ideal solution for embedded generation.

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