Smart energy

(UK only)

Smart energy

(UK only)

Track, record and visualize your energy consumption

If you would like to reduce electrical energy costs within your business, our SMART energy monitoring devices (WIBEEE) will help you discover both technical and behavioral energy wastage, so that you reduce direct energy costs and reduce the risks to your electrical assets.

Small, cost effective and easy to install into existing electrical distribution boards or electrical machinery, our WIBEEE devices can easily connect to your own Wi-Fi network or to a GSM network to send data to a secure cloud, where a private dashboard displays the associated electrical energy information.

  • Identify energy losses (technical and behavioral)
  • Uncover energy wastage
  • Track energy costs
  • Understand on-site energy consumption and compare sites
  • Quantify energy cost reduction actions
  • Understand CO2 footprint
  • Implement tenant submetering.

Easy and intuitive

An intuitive web application and dashboard enables you to view the data and analyses in real time (and historically), allowing you to identify energy wastage and damaging power quality issues, so that these can be addressed. The most common areas of wastage are as follows.

  • High voltage levels
  • Poor power factor
  • Harmonics
  • Phase imbalances and high neutral currents
  • High consumption during out of hours
  • High consumption during equipment idle periods

Virtual submetering

Understanding when and where energy is being used is the most important step in effectively reducing consumption, and submetering is an excellent tool to achieve this. WIBEEE energy monitors can be used to sub-meter particular parts of a building or facility and can be used as an equitable method for on-site tenant billing.

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