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Our information security, environmental and health and safety management systems comply with internationally recognized standards covering our office locations across Europe.

Since Netcontrol’s inception in 1991, one of our main company missions is to provide high quality products and services. This mission is a critical function and drive of the business of Netcontrol, remaining our core focus in product development.

The policies and the code of conduct are reviewed annually at the management review meeting.
[current: QM00-EN-15, Q10468-MA-EN-3]

Information security policy

Netcontrol’s information security management system is ISO 27001:2022 certified.

This policy applies to entire Netcontrol Group, in all its countries of operation. In addition, the local legislation is taken into account. When applicable, this policy also applies to Netcontrol Group’s cooperation with its partners.

This policy is regularly reviewed by the Netcontrol Group management team and approved by the Netcontrol Group CEO. The employees and applicable partners are informed of this policy, and this policy is also published on the Netcontrol Group web site.


The ultimate objective of this policy is to ensure Netcontrol Group’s business continuity. This is achieved through protection of the confidentiality, integrity and availability of Netcontrol Group’s important information. Netcontrol Group shall likewise protect personal information as well as the stakeholders’ information insofar as it has control over it. The assets for processing, transferring and protecting information must themselves be protected.

This policy contributes to Netcontrol Group’s capability of making products which support data security.

This policy serves adherence to laws and regulations, compliance and good governance.

Roles and responsibilities

The Netcontrol Group CEO appoints personnel responsible for information security and those responsible for privacy and oversees their work. The CEOs of the individual Netcontrol companies are responsible for deploying the policy in their respective organizations and for adherence to the local laws and regulations.

Netcontrol employees shall follow the law, Netcontrol guidelines and instructions from the information security personnel.

It is the information security personnel’s duty to provide awareness training and guidelines to the employees, along with topical instructions when requested and also according to their own judgement. The information security personnel perform continuous improvement of information security management in cooperation with the quality personnel.


Security incidents shall be reported to the information security personnel.

The information security personnel shall be consulted when any changes in information processing are planned that have security implications and shall be notified of any findings with similar relevance.

Employees are encouraged to react to information security risks when becoming aware of them and furthermore to report them to the information security personnel.

Deviations from guidance and instructions may be escalated to upper management as applicable.

Matters with privacy implications are subject to rules corresponding to the above, involving the appointed privacy personnel.

Environmental policy

Netcontrol’s environmental management system is ISO 14001:2015 certified.
Netcontrol has a responsibility to care for the improvement of the environment as part of its activities, it shall take future generations into consideration and support a sustainable development.

Netcontrol shall give highest priority to solutions and products with minimum environmental impact and maximum use of resources.

Netcontrol’s personnel shall have proper knowledge of environmental matters, be aware of environmental requirements applying to Netcontrol’s activities and be aware of the environmental requirements of the society.

To achieve sustainable development, we are:

  • Following up and adapting our activities to applicable legal requirements
  • Enhancing recycling and reuse
  • Informing interested parties of our environmental policy and demanding behavior that contributes to our work to accomplish our environmental policy
  • Decreasing the negative environmental impact of our energy consumption
  • Decreasing carbon footprint of logistic solutions

Health & safety statement

Netcontrol acknowledges that the key to successful health and safety management requires an effective policy, organization and arrangements, which reflect the commitment of senior management. Our management system of occupational health and safety in the UK is ISO 45001:2018 certified.

Code of conduct

The above policies are augmented by a separate code of conduct document.

Whistleblowing service

We use a whistleblowing service provided by PricewaterhouseCoopers. By going to that page, anyone can report misconduct by Netcontrol.