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& distribution

The transmission and distribution of electricity has always been our focus at Netcontrol and we recognize that with new, distributed power production, stricter control of power quality and the related sanctions that this field is facing new challenges.

At Netcontrol, we provide solutions that help the network operator cope with the requirements.


Today, everything depends on the continuous availability of electricity and the transmission network forms the backbone of the electricity system.

This means that reliability and quality requirements on all equipment used in the transmission network are extremely high particularly when it comes to data communication with geographically distributed HV/HV and HV/MV substations. The monitoring and control of the grid depends on a fully secure and reliable system of communications. Our Netcon DOME cybersecurity service that monitors your communications system, detects cybersecurity deviations and responds to them according to your SLA with Netcontrol.

Netcontrols gateway solutions, the Netcon Gateway Server and the Netcon GW502, are used by several transmission grid operators to fulfil these needs.

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Netcontrol has a comprehensive portfolio of products and services for the management of the electricity distribution network, spanning from the SCADA master station to the actuators at remote disconnector stations.

Control center

Netcon 3000 is the most common SCADA system in Nordic countries and is typically integrated into the distribution management system (DMS). Here standard interfaces like OPC or ELCOM90 or ICCP/TASE.2 are used. The information from the advanced reporting system of Netcon 3000 can be accessed from the office network over a dedicated, secured connection.

The Netcon 3000 communicates in real-time with the distributed sites that are to be monitored and controlled. The Netcontrol gateways with the Netcon NFE software allow modern and legacy protocol devices to connected securely to the SCADA platform. supporting dozens of different protocols while maintaining strict cyber security. The Netcon Gateway Server is used as the NFE application and security platform at the control center.

Primary substations

The substation automation system is typically renewed every 20–25 years. Our solutions for the monitoring and controlling of primary (HV/MV) substations are based on the Netcon 500 gateway and RTU. This is built for retrofit so that it fits physically into the space used for old equipment and can communicate with both old and new parts of the substation automation system. It is exactly what customers are looking for when updating the automation in an old substation to get all the features required in today’s substations.

Secondary substations

The availability requirements for power networks are constantly increasing and most outages in the low voltage network are caused by faults on the medium voltage side. Average duration can be significantly reduced through improved fault location and the remote control of switching equipment. The Netcon 100 primary (MV/MV, MV/LV) substation automation system helps utilities optimize their substations investments because it provides accurate data and trends of transformer loads.

Disconnector stations

providing pole-mounted actuators which can be remotely controlled and help to isolate faulty areas from the rest of the network. Our powerful and reliable actuator Netcon 1 is used in thousands of sites in harsh conditions. Netcontrol also has the versatile PDR 300 data radio that can be used for master station connectivity of disconnector stations over a private VHF or UHF radio network.

Cybersecure communications

Our integrated cybersecurity service, Netcon DOME, can monitor your communication system (like any other OT environment), detect cybersecurity deviations and respond to them according to your specific SLA with Netcontrol.

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