The Netcon 100 is a smart device for the monitoring of medium- and low-voltage networks along with the remote control of medium-voltage switching devices.

Standard protocols and interfaces make its connection to other systems straightforward, and it is compact yet modular in structure. The Netcon 100 is easily and economically integrated into the substation and expanded with the needs.

Improved MV network availability and management

  • Sophisticated fault detection – MV fault detection based on four overcurrent stages and five earth fault stages per feeder.
  • Integrated feeder protection – Offers a separately licensed, integrated feeder protection functionality for overcurrent and earth faults that trips the circuit breaker on a feeder when triggered by the relevant fault stages.
  • Better load management – Real-time measurements provided by the Netcon 100 also mean that the network switching state and therefore transformer loads can be better managed by the DMS and/or the SCADA system.
  • Extensive quality measurement – Constant measurement of electricity quality and data available from the fault and disturbance recordings help utility companies forecast and reduce service-level disturbances in the network.
  • Accurate time synchronization – The Netcon 100 can obtain time synchronization e.g. from an NTP (Network Time Protocol) server or from the SCADA system via the communication protocol.
  • Intelligent alarms – Through Netcontrol’s advanced sum alarm logic, the data supplied by individual alarm signals can be refined into comprehensive alarm information.

Modularity affords flexibility

  • Hardware – Modular system that is easily adaptable to the purpose.
  • Software – New Netcon 100 software version and/or an expanded licence may bring about completely new applications.
  • Versatile & cybersecure communication – Comprehensive data communication features, built to be cybersecure from end to end.
  • Central and local management – Offers three user interfaces for configuration and management.