The future of distribution network automation

All-in-one, compact feeder RTU for the evolving electrical grid.

The Netcon 200 is a smart RTU (remote terminal unit) for monitoring medium-voltage feeders along with the remote control of the associated circuit breakers and switches.

Standard protocols and interfaces make the connection to other systems straightforward.

Compact yet modular in structure, the Netcon 200 is easily and economically customised for and integrated into each substation.

Improve network availability

  • Remote and local control of feeder switching devices
  • Bidirectional fault detection
  • Detection of transient cable faults
  • Automatic fault-triggered tripping for feeder protection
  • Customisable automatic network reconfiguration in response to MV faults

Monitor and optimise your network

  • Accurate MV and LV power quality measurements
  • Transformer monitoring for optimization of renewal investments
  • Automatic disturbance recordings for fault analysis, revealing weak spots
  • Compact, cost-effective design with battery management

Manage your substations centrally

  • Centralised management solutions and services
  • Remote configuration
  • Continuous remote management with software updates

Customise to your own requirements

  • Single platform for reliability and ease of installation
  • Modular build to suit the requirements of each substation
  • REST-compliant API for user-created automation routines

Prevent cybersecurity threats

  • Port hardening, internal firewall and multiple VPN tunnels.
  • Secured SCADA communications in compliance with IEC 62351