Powerful and reliable motor actuator with a modern, cybersecure RTU controller

Featuring a powerful motor and a rapid gear, the Netcon 1+ is an actuator for disconnectors and load switches with breaking chambers or breaking whips. A new control unit, the Netcon 200 smart RTU, makes it cybersecure and remotely configurable.

Powerful specifications

The Netcon 1+ has been built for fast and reliable disconnector maneuvering in a wide range of temperatures (−40…+65°C; test 6.104 at −50°C, +40°C), even being able to break a 10 mm layer of ice on the equipment (test 6.103). It offers a strong (up to 3700 N) and fast (2.1 s) stroke with an adjustable length (160…240 mm). Batteries allow it to remain operational for several days without an external supply of power. In the absence of power, a crank may be inserted for manual operation.

For safety, the Netcon 1+ has an encapsulated control mechanism and an externally visible, mechanical position indicator. It can be fitted with a padlock to prevent tampering.

Versatile installation and communication

The Netcon 1+  comes in a robust painted stainless-steel cabinet with the Netcon 200 RTU, 24 V batteries and a charger included. It has a space reserved for communication equipment – for example, a 3G/4G/5G router or Netcontrol’s PDR 300 data radio, which offers wide area coverage.

The Netcon 1+ is easy to install and it can be applied directly on most pole-mounted disconnectors in the medium voltage network.

Smart new control unit

As its brains, the Netcon 1+ uses Netcontrol’s compact new smart RTU, the Netcon 200. This brings with it crucial new features.

Cybersecure data communication
  • Firewall and port hardening
  • OpenVPN, IPSec
  • Secure IEC-104 transfer according to IEC 62351
  • Secure maintenance connection using SSH
  • Secure configuration using HTTPS and SSH
  • Digitally signed OS patches
Flexible configurations & management

Not only can the Netcon 200 be configured remotely through the browser-based WebGUI interface; a large number of devices can connect to a Netcon Application Manager server for remote configuration, updates and backups.

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