Electric arc furnace

Energy-intensive industry

Electric arc furnace

The energy consumption of one plant taking up only a very small geographical area can easily correspond to that of a mid size town. The reliable supply of power is therefore critical.



Tough requirements – tough products

In metal production, as an example, with the use of arc furnaces, the electrical environment is very harsh and the automation equipment is put to quite a test. Here as in paper mills and oil refineries, the Netcon 500 and Netcon 100 RTUs and gateways has proven to be a reliable solution. This is not a surprise, since the RTUs were from the beginning designed according to IEC standards, and all its cards have passed EMC tests performed by an independent testing and certification agency.

A high level of cyber security as well as an extremely reliable SCADA system are other rational demands in the industry sector. Problems in the electricity supply of the plant or failed cyber security will quickly cause large losses due to the production process being stopped or disturbed. To avoid these problems, several big companies have chosen a redundant SCADA system like Netcon 3000 and gateways such as the Netcon GW Server and the Netcon GW502.

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