Comprehensive power-quality service

In today’s high-tech, cost-conscious world, more and more network customers are paying attention to the quality and price of their voltage supply.

At Netcontrol, our Netcon PQA system is a comprehensive tool for collecting, managing and analysing the relevant measurement data. The data can be collected from a variety of systems: primary and secondary substations, industrial networks as well as household energy and power quality meters.

Netcon PQA is a centralized system with a standard web page as its user interface: all authorized users can easily access the measurement data and analysis through their web browsers. The system can either be used as a cloud-based service or installed in-house.

Cybersecure data transfer

The measurement data from the network are first collected over secure VPN connections to one central location, such as the SCADA front end. From there, the data are securely forwarded to the PQA server and stored in a database.

Variety of data

The Netcon PQA database can store a wide variety of data:

  • Energy, power, voltage and current measurements
  • Power-quality measurements
  • Event and alarms data such as interruptions and voltage sags
  • Disturbance recordings
  • Weather data
  • Other history data from any time interval and in any quantity

Processing, analysis and monitoring tools

Netcon PQA has tools to help you analyze all the collected data and generate reports. It also provides functions for automatic data monitoring, including the ability to raise alarms.

The insights gained can be used to improve and streamline

  • the service of network customers,
  • the management of component life cycle and the planning of maintenance work in the network,
  • billing and authority reporting,
  • decisions on network investment, which can now be based on actual transformer loads.

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