Substation & network automation

Netcontrol is a leading provider of remote control / telemetry systems for primary and secondary substations.

Our main substation automation products, the Netcon 500 and the Netcon 100, replace the traditional single‑protocol RTU with a smart device that combines a secure communication gateway and a protocol converter with RTU functionality, along with additional features such as  programmable logic controllers and applications tailored for specific needs. This smart device talks both to multiple master stations and to multiple substation IEDs or slave RTUs, using multiple protocols in both directions if necessary. Several dozen protocols, both standard and proprietary, are supported. Almost any vendor’s devices, of any age, can thus be connected as part of a modern remote control and telemetry system. This means fewer manual operations and site visits: your teams will be free to concentrate on getting the most out of your network.

Primary substations

The secure and reliable management of supply systems is becoming more and more important as the requirements for infrastructure increase and penalties for service interruptions begin to be charged.

Secondary substations

The automation of secondary substations requires the ability to monitor and operate distribution switchgear over a wide area in a cost-effective, safe and speedy manner.

Network automation

Netcontrol provides a range of products for the remote control of electricity networks and the disconnection of faulty network sections.


Collecting analogue and digital data from the remote sites and presenting them to the central system is a vital component of any successful remote control and telemetry system.

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